The dancing trinkets…

I started when I hardly knew how to aesthetically move my little body…vigorously I learnt the technicalities…It was tough but the tinkling sound of the bells made it appear like a dream, a dream of dancing my way into the hearts of millions…the traditional ‘Riyaz‘ in front of the mirror was a fantastic experience…as if the mirror transcended the glass boundaries and I was performing on a stage with a huge gathering of spectators looking admiringly at me…The ‘Ghungroos‘ got heavier as the count of the trinkets increased with every passing year…the sound of 400 bells chiming together…was like a treat to the ears as I went on practising one ‘Thaat‘ after another…They were like jewels to me…preserved with love and reverence…I hardly remember handling anything else with so much care as I did with them…

Yesterday while clearing a lot of old belongings, they were found…in a dirty old bag, tucked up in some corner of the house…a bag full of ‘Ghungroos‘…tinkling again in their own way…in a flash…I was again standing in front of a huge crowd in a darkened hall, in the midst of my performance…I had wanted to become a dancer…and my ‘Ghungroos‘ were the steps to realize my dreams…and there they were lying in utter disregard…For a moment I hated myself…one more added to the bag of my ‘wanted to be and could not be‘s…this loosing self kills me every moment!!!!

My granny gave the ‘Ghungroos‘ to my little niece who now dances…and now proudly owns them…as for them…well…they could well be mocking me and promises to brighten the life and dreams of yet another young girl, singing to themselves…
‘Kabhi is pag me kabhi us pag me

Bajta hi raha hoon main….’

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