As the reality hits…

The drive down the same crowded road that takes her to office every day – was as monotonous as it was on any other day. Her thoughts were gradually making a headway for the escape through the little window that was gifted to her, thanks to the grudging colleague of hers sitting in the seat in front. This was an issue everyday. Everyday? It seems like an eternity since she has been taking this route to work! It has actually been just about three months.

“Why do you have to push the glass so far…I can’t even breathe?”

‘So how had you been breathing all this while with the glass completely closed?’ She murmured under her breath, trying to balance the share of open window space, but taking allowances, never the less. She needed this much, no matter what. It always struck her as marvelous how people can sit in cars or busses with the windows drawn! ‘What else is there to do but to look out and see the same passing scenes everyday’ she often wondered. And then everyday it all had a new look…the people standing, passing by, trying board some bus, tram, auto or any other mode of conveyance were new everyday. Sometimes she did manage to see a few familiar faces now and then but mostly they were fresh faces.

Spring was in the air…she could smell it. Although the weather seemed to be behaving in its own peculiar way off late, but the trees and the blue sky spoke else. They spoke to her, they heard her, they smiled at her, smiled with her – the trees with their fresh green leaves budding gradually to life, the brightly blooming flowers…Office would be another 10 minutes but she loved this stretch through this part of the city. Almost everything was properly organized here…the streets seemed to invite for a little stroll at any given point of the day! And the best part was the trees that lined almost each stretch of road around each locality. Stretching her neck out of the bus like a puppy, she closed her eyes to feel the air on her face and through her hair, to smell the strange spring scent.

Her solitary confinement venue would be lovely now…all bathed in spring! Blue skies, brown stretching land, green fields and flaming red, yellow and orange flowers atop mighty trees…a full round moon at night with a thousand glow worms celebrating the festival of lights in their own sweet time. The smell of the earth, soaked in the beams of the full moon, the distant gurgling of the dam waters, the sudden mechanical hum of a passing train at the nearby station…how they called her…how they mesmerized her…how they enticed her!

The simple and ordinary beckoned her with an uncanny power, she thought to herself. Unlike what is stated in her star sign, she was not all for the classy things in life…a simple cup of tea in an earthen pot was more welcome to her than served in a bone china set! ‘This was all about life…the natural way, the way it was, and the way we are forgetting every moment!’

The fifteen minute trip over, back to the confinements of an artificially illumined and conditioned state facing a stupid square box! Spring…winter…summer…rains…in here it’s all the same!!!!! Welcome REALITY!!!!

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