On a certain day…

And there in the midst of it all she stood…an jhola hanging precariously on the shoulder as if to stop itself from dropping into the already accumulated mass of brownish water – a combination of rain water, drain water, petrol and all the accumulated filth from the cars that had mixed merrily with the water. Her salwar suit could be seen only up to the thighs as the rest of it was under the water and the precariously rising water level leaving none of her basics in a condition fit enough to sit and work through the day.

Suddenly…she feels a faint something around her left…or was it right foot…the slipper….Shit! It had given away under the strong force the water was creating thanks to all the passing vehicles creating considerable ripples in the water…Where the hell was the mobile? Oh there it was in her hand, safe from the rains…how something gets more precious than dear life! As if by instinct, she parted with her other pair of slipper rather gleefully…it was going to rain through the day in any case…so her bare feet would not be visible anyway…merrily back to her childhood days, she walked towards the bus stop where another one of my jewels, was standing drenched, with a umbrella open…standing right below a shade!!!

The wetness of her entire combination of garments was bad enough and to top it all…no smokes on the stairs today…The BOSS hates women smoking! And he’s here for a trip of the centre! It all had to happen today??? But there certainly had to be a way out…And yes…WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S MOST CERTAINLY A WAY! The last time she had perhaps tried this was in college…and now once again a mature individual she had to….what crap!!!! She came up to me and said… “Jabe?”

“Kothay? Aaj to curfew…”

“Jayga ache…bathroom” she said with a huge grin…

I followed her to one spare bathroom which was not used thanks to the broken commode but was pretty clean and thankfully with no water spilled on the floors…entering the bathroom together was funny enough…topped by the way we squatted on the bathroom floor for a simple smoke!!!!!!! Bliss…The bathroom full of smoke and the commode full of ashes…we came out…there were two more trips to the coveted destination before the day ended.

And it had stopped raining…and so she trudged home in bare feet…that is her…

One of my treasures at work!!!

2 thoughts on “On a certain day…

  1. Hi Sanchari.. Read the last two blogs. They are not issue based and hence cannot really voice my opinion here. It is different from most blogs I visit. I liked reading it. Also, your face is very familiar…I do not know if I saw u on orkut itself or in real life. Anyways, I admire that you write so much and so consistently.


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