Agomoni 3

Barir pujo orghyo…

Dhuno Poranor Purono Reeti…

Kumari Pujo…

Bishorjoner age dorpone mayer pa dekha…

Ei shesh dekha…e bochorer moto…

2 thoughts on “Agomoni 3

  1. Ore Khuki, tor pate pate eto dustami, darun dikachis re maiya,aabar ki ki sob likachis ra? ingrejee to balo buji naa re. Jaa houk, khub bhalo hoiaynche. Bhalobasa o Subhechcha nis, Bhalo thakis.


  2. this is a surprise . we just had a talk in my picasa album over your family puja ….and here i am now in your blog . found my way in as i was searching for pics of bonedi pujas .


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