Where are we heading?

Was reading through the papers a few days back! A sadhwi and a sadhu – both convicted for terrorist activities! And we thought it was just the prerogative of the Other religious faith to act terrorizing…the religious leaders guide the masses into destruction, isn’t that what we generally talk about? Well, it’s not just them any more…we, members of the so-called ‘harmless’ , ‘peace loving’ religion have also decided that it’s time we showed them our real selves!
Sadly, these are not the first cases! There had been murders and genocides by the name of religion and of course the leading religious group in the country is being supported by people in power as well! It stuns me to think that we still justify these acts and the people responsible for such heinous inhuman crimes are still roaming around scott free! The ones that end up getting punished are the fools that blindly follow what is told to them! No wonder we still live in a country more than 70% full of illiterate people! Its easy that way! Just get the illiterate ones to believe that this is not for your good! And there they are up in arms and out there to kill! Isn’t the trend exactly the same as the ones we have so long criticized!
What kind of a country are we living in? Some province wants to break off as a different state…some province wants autonomy even while within the country…in one of the most dynamic cities in the country a particular man demands people from all other regions to be thrown out or beaten inhumanly…and the authorities are, for some unknown reason, comfortably numb! I wonder when will they wake up? Isn’t it about time? A country boasting of peace and tranquility is waking up everyday to yet another day of petrification – would the day end with the news of yet another blast? Would the day end with more deaths? Would it be yet another day worth forgetting?
Is there nothing we can do about this? Is all that we can do is wait and watch more disturbance, deaths, unrest and …a probable end?

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