Alas! My Beloved City!

I question no religion…I question no country…I question the basic Directive Principle – Safety of the Population! I live in this country and it is the responsibility of the state to ensure that I live a safe life! How then does the much hyped Intelligence Bureau fail to gauge the advent of a group that can cause mayhem in one of the most high profile cities of the country? How does a group of armed terrorists enter the city armed to the brim to wedge a war against the entire armed forces? How do they enter luxury hotels of the likes of Taj and Trident and keep people hostages for over 37 hours now? And how does one dare to destroy Heritage structures like the TAJ for some issue that has got nothing to do with the beautiful edifice or the people held captives or the people dying shocking and surprised deaths? How can the media concentrate on being the first ones to show a footage of events when people are dying untimely deaths? How can the media be irresponsible enough to flash all plans of counter attacks by the Armed Forces just to quench their thirst for publicity?

The likes of NDTV, CNN, Times Now, not to mentions a host of local news channels have so far acted as irresponsible as the politicians of the country are generally found to act! It was, as if, a crazy competition on who flashes a footage of army men stealthily entering the Taj ready for an operation….or who flashes the first footage of the arm filled trawler that was confiscated…or who flashes the first footage of the air force troops silently descending on the terrace of the Nariman Centre! I wonder if they even consider the fact that the world today has shrunk magnificently! It takes a call to inform something to someone! Do they assume that the group of people who have been able to take the entire city, and the nation by storm over the past 40 hours or so are technologically challenged not be informed about the plans of operations through satellite links? Or is it just about sensationalization of events? Is it just about who gives the most gruesome news first? Is it about who gets the most number of celebrities on a talk show to discuss what they feel?

Are we living in a fool’s paradise, still????? And if we are…jus how long do we intend to stay here? Yes, Mumbai Police lost its top brass…but do we learn anything from it? Does it even ring a bell that it is taking the Mumbai Police, the NSG, The Indian Army, Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force to tackle “12” terror mongers? I have not heard much about the people injured or the extremities of their injuries or an update on their health status from the media so far! I wonder why? Or actually perhaps I know why…that is none of our concerns! But my beloved city still burns!!!!!!

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