Let my country awake….

Well! What do we see now? A country that is witnessing it’s first sensible urban uprising against the shame that the politicians of the country have brought upon post the Mumbai Terror attack! The incessant candle marches, signature and petition campaigns across the country irrespective of the region! It bears an uncanny resemblance to a particular scene in the nation stirrer Amir Khan starrer ‘Rang De Basanti’…the only difference is that over here there are no retakes and there is no end of the story after about 3 hours! The growing anger and unrest spreading among the literate urban mass like wild fire is by no means a comfort signal for the politicians. For the very first time in the history of this independent nation the people are out on a movement against politicians…and they are in huge numbers!

Politicians, the same lot who, shocking but not surprisingly, have refused to lessen their personal security at the cost of increasing the security of the people of the country! Politicians, who have just tried to monopolize the after shock situation for their own personal motives and made the stupidest of comments in public! Politicians, who have failed to react in time in their bid to save a city for a virtual terror attack unlike any other event witnessed ever before! And yet we love to believe that we live in a democracy – a country where we, the educated, and even the uneducated mass, can choose our leaders! Leaders…I wonder if we can even use such a word for the politicians the nation is full of today! Of course we can look at the likes of Milind Deora and Rahul Gandhi, but for how long I wonder!

All this while it was despair and helplessness…that has now been transformed into disgust and angst! It took a week for the authorities to sack the most unsuccessful CM Maharashtra has seen in the recent past…all because of the one glaring question – who will succeed him? It took 4 days for an uncouth, uncultured veteran Marxist and a CM of a state to feel sorry for the remarks he made about a Martyr’s family! And it is going to take many more days, weeks and months for the police to understand what they are meant to do! After about a week of the attack the Mumbai Police Guards at the first target Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus fail to hear the beep of a metal detector as a lone citizen checks the security arrangements by carrying his licensed revolver through the crowded CST! Apparently they did not hear the beep! These were the same people who refused to fire at the terrorists on the Bloody Wednesday, in spite of carrying weapons. Another shocker was to recover bags full of grenades and bombs, which by some stroke of luck did not work, among the luggage holed up with the rest of the luggage collected from the platform on the fateful day! And it took a whole week for them to find it! And the entire lot of politicians are more bothered about successors and power instead of doing something positive for the concerned population!

And yet…the citizens have started to rise…the mass congregation of about 20,000 at the Gateway of India, determined to demand explanations from the politicians was a breather…it feels nice to see the same picture in almost every major city of India…It seems to realize the lyrics I mentioned in my last post… Exactly why I love my country…No wonder Mumbai police has banned rallies!!!!

Sirf hungama khada karna mera maqsad nahi
Apni koshish hai ke ye soorat badalni chahiye…

Aaj har deewar pardo ki tarah hilne lagi
Shart lekin thi ki yeh buniyad hilni chahiye…

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