Diary of an exasperated mother – Part 1

It was a simple task – one hour a day, a simple exercise of revising simple alphabets and numbers and connecting pictures with their first alphabets. No rocket science and no tests. But my darling boy just cannot remember that a that “House” starts with an “H”, a picture of a net with a small handle is just a “net” and not a “bat”, “snail” starts with an “S” and a “zip” is something that is there in bags and on trousers. And this after repeatedly going on with the corrections every day for at least 10 days 5 times a day. Ok once, twice, thrice…even ten times…but fifty times is a bit too much! And that too the last five times being in the span of the last 20 mins.

Ask him what is Red Rangers name and he will tell you in a flash that it is Jayden! Ask him what is the name of the fat sheep in “Shaun the Sheep” and he will tell you without blinking an eyelid. So he isn’t short of memory!

And in the other room, his saviours, my mother-in-law and grand mom-in-law sit with bated breath, thanks to the incessant howling of their darling “Sonar Gopal”, who makes it a point to shout so loudly, without any provocation, that it reaches their ears. I mean, honestly…you know he is just being stubborn in not saying the things you expect him to say…but how do you control your temper???? You don’t want to hit the child but you want to hit something! I could really give anything right now to know how mommies of the world deal with obstinate and spoilt brats like these!!!! And saviours like the ones they have!!!!

IMG_8659 (3)

Disclaimer: Whoever is finding this funny or “this is not done” right now, please remember… every dog has its day… so either you have been there and done that and had more obedient kids of your own who did not drive you crazy or you don’t know what is waiting for you in a few years from now!

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