Diary of an exasperated mother – Part 2

And so as soon I enter the house, the lady taking care of my little one starts about how the helper in the bus complained about him having hit somebody and how he has instead of saying sorry to the other kid has turned his face around and said “Bolbo na”!!!!!

GOD! How I feel like picking up my laptop bag again and going back to the stupid office and stay there the night long! I have at least three deliverables tomorrow and calls till 9 starting in another 20 minutes. Boys have fights all the time, so what????? And to top it all, tomorrow I have to take him to the bus stop and face the kid’s obsessed parent who would be out to prove that their child is an angel! So I try to look stern and angry and call for him (who is conveniently hiding in the other room, knowing jolly well what he is to get once I am home) and very reluctantly he comes and stands in front of me, eyes down. And here is the conversation that follows…

“Did you punch Ainesh”?
“Ami toh…ami toh…Ainesh na…”
“Did you hit him or no? Yes or no”
“Yes” (very slowly)
“And why? Didn’t I ask you not to hit anybody the last time when they told me you hit a girl?”
“Sorry Ma” 
“What Sorry? And why did you say ‘bolbo na’ when she asked you to say sorry to him?”

“I want to know why you hit him and why you refused to say sorry”
“Sorry Ma. Galti ho gayi. Maafi de de na maiya”…

Not in Bangla, not in broken English, my son throws at me a Hindi dialog in perfect grammar, picked right out of Little Krishna, his favourite comic series. 

And what do I do to control my anger mixed with the laughter at the way he handles me and my temper? Sit and stare as he comes, gives me a hug, a kiss on both cheeks and says “Kal Sorry bole debo, pakka promise”…


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