Congratulations! You are dead!


Dead! Yes, you read it right! You are dead! I am dead…we, as a race are dead! Dead and decayed! I write today not to complain, not to crib, not to vent my anger…but to vent my disappointment for not being able to do anything about anything! To vent my fear of being dead! Dead is what we are or what we are fast going to be!

How else do we justify a mother smothering her two-month-old girl child to death and stuffing her in a washing machine? A MOTHER! For heavens’ sake! And we were being bothered about bus conductors, PT teachers, school staff, uncles, stepfathers, mother’s boyfriends! A species where a mother kills her child for being born a girl… and we are still claiming to be alive? We are still sending beautiful “Good Morning” messages to each other over WhatsApp…We are still going out to watch movies…We are still going out to party and eat and drink and be merry!

“Well, you are getting a little dramatic” you might tell me…Life can’t stop because one deranged woman behaves abnormally! And it hardly means the rest of us should give up on life and start mourning! But I don’t mourn the dead infant. I mourn the mother if I can call her that, whose soul is dead! I mourn the dead souls of the two “teachers” who did not hesitate to satiate their lust by sexually abusing a 4-year-old child! I mourn the decayed soul of the man who chokes a harmless mentally challenged child by force-feeding her milk at 3 am in the morning! I mourn the man who ruthlessly opens fire at gatherers in a church for no real reason! I mourn them for they are and what I can be any day…after all, I am but a part of the same milieu! 

Our souls are dead! We have become so hateful, so vengeful and so shallow in what we do, what we think, how we think that the soul can no longer be held responsible for our being! 

We are all zombies…going about our work, our lives, our pleasures, our joys but devoid of any capability to actually feel any of it. How can the dead feel, after all! And we raise our angry voices wanting to punish “sick” “inhuman” people! Where did these sick inhuman people come from? From amongst us! We, the educated, ambitious, selfish race that is so proud of controlling nature! 

Some insane thought makes me feel if this is nature’s revenge on us…by making us more and more deranged, selfish and sick! Somehow, this entire human civilisation of today reminds me of Midas…the way his ambition and greed had made him lose everything he held dear, we are doing the same. And one day, even the air we breathe is going to be so full of filth emanating from our hateful and vengeful souls that we will physically fall down dead! The day the offenders, the ones giving verdicts, the judges, the victims will all fall down dead for the final time! Never to rise again…never to be able to hurt or kill again! 

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