Tonight, I fear not even if you come empty-handed into my lonely chamber,
O friend… for I know your hands are there to hold me if my steps falter…

Aimlessly I have wandered day and night
through the streets and alleys of futile desire.
It is about time I yield to your august presence.
For I know only you can transport me out of this aimless stupor…

Let darkness engulf every corner of the night sky, I fear not
For your loving embrace encases my heart with utmost tenderness…

Fascinated by the crests and troughs of the giant wheel of life
I had all but forgotten my own self.
It is about time I realize who I am as I see the two inevitable ends – life and death!
For I know that only thus will I truly be one with you…

A rough translation of আজি বিজন ঘরে নিশীথরাতে by Rabindranath Tagore.

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